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Professional golf simulators not only entertain, but help to improve your game. Enjoy the variety in the choice of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, which are faithfully reproduced. With the help of fitting modules swing data are analyzed, clubhead data compared and comprehensive gap analysis and testing executed. The software always provides perfect visualization and performance.

Golf Simulators


- 01 -

The newest of our golf simulators can be used flexibly and confident with modern technology and many ways to play ...

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This golf simulator utilizes a photometric system, which measures the ball after impact with high speed cameras. It provides highest accuracy and reliability - at a consumer affordable price.


GP 1 Foresight Sports

The newest golf simulator of our product range. Based on the Game Changer 2, a stereoscopic system of two high-speed cameras, flexible options to design the golf simulation are available.


Accurate ball tracking

The ball is captured accurately and without delay. Launch angle, ball speed and spin are shown.

Software module Training/Fitting

Included in every course package, the Driving Range Mode delivers perfect visual confirmation of beginner or amateur performance. Technology that does more than entertain, it drives player improvement forward.

Fitting Mode feature makes club fitting easy and intuitive by providing a comprehensive virtual depiction of launch condition, shot shape and down range values - all in real time. Compare club performance via custom color tracing, review disperse and gap analysis. A perfect tool for golf shops and golf teachers.   

Stunning reproductions of the world's best courses

Enjoy over 75 of the world's most challenging and beautiful courses, all faithfully reproduced to deliver the most incredible golf simulation experience available today.
You can choose between 2 Software Versions:


1.  Foresight Sports Performance Software FSX



2. Creative Golf 3D 


More information on GP1


GP 2 Skytrak Simulator


Ballflight and Data Analysis

The perfect ball tracking is the base for an excellent golf simulator, but also for a top device for teaching, training and club fitting. The Driving Range mode with detailed ball flight analysis data is part of the basic software. Upgrades with challenges, club comparison, skill-building games and more are available.

Simulation 1

Powerful E6 golf software allows you to compete or practice on about 90 of the world's most famous golf courses. Each course is computer generated using real-world GPS data, and beautifully rendered to provide you with the ultimate in game experience. E6 brings together breathtaking computer generated graphics and perfect ball flight analysis to provide you with the most realistic indoor golf experience available.


Great visual development

About 90 of the finest golf courses from around the world are available for GP2 Visual Sports. Play Pebble Beach in California, St. Andrews in Scottland or on 20 other courses ranked in the top 100 of the world. The presentation is so lifelike that anyone, who has played these places once in reality, recognizes it immediately.

Simulation 2

For GP2 the simulation software Creative Golf 3D is available also! Information see above at GP1.

More information on GP 2

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