Tour Links

Putting Greens

Easy built-on Putting Greens for Indoor and Outdoor

Build a green and leave it permanently or move it from one location to another. Tour Links makes it easy to practice whenever and wherever you want.

Tour Links greens are extremely durable, weather resistant, UV protected and color safe. These rugged panels weigh an average of only 7 lbs. each making them easy to ship or store. Best of all, they provide the feel of a real putting surface so when you practice on Tour Links, you see the results on the course.

Tour Links Putting Greens


Standard Greens

This all weather series of greens was designed with the average golfer in mind. The smaller footprints and economical pricing allows any golfer the advantage of practicing at home or in the office and mastering those tough, short putts we all struggle with out on the course. Don't be fooled by the smaller sizes, these greens are the favorites of some of the top teaching professionals and golfers in the game. As with all Tour Links Putting Greens the Standard Links Collection was designed to withstand the harshest of elements.

Training Aid (3 sizes available: 2,10m / 2,75m / 3,90m):

SG Puttbahn

Green with 2 cups:

Green with more cups:



Professional Greens

Professional Greens

The Professional Series Greens are large enough to fill an outdoor space, while still a perfect fit for a large basement or rec room. The nylon turf will hold up to the harshest elements for years. When the panels are installed over existing earth contours, they will conform to the terrain below to create putts you will find on the course. Tour Links® foam contours are also available as a great option and are placed under the panels to create realistic golf course style breaks right in your garage or den.

PG Grün 4 Cups

4,25 m x 4,25 m

PG Grün 5 Cups

4,25 m x 5,50 m

PG Grün 6 Cups

4,25 m x 6,10 m


Designer Greens

Designer Greens

These greens have been showcased around the world and are the crown jewel of the Tour Links pre-pack collection. Each model is available with or without foam edge. The Tour Links tapered edge transitions the turf right down to the hard floor for that built in elevated look in any location.

Design Grün

8,50 m x 8,50 m (with edge)

DG 2

6,10 m x 9,70 m (without edge)

DG 3

5,50 m x 7 m (with edge)

DG 4

4,50 m x 5,10 m (without egde)

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