for your golf club

Present your golf course with a digital

visualization of the fairways for App,

club website and simulators.

Golf Park offers the tools to integrate your golf course in the world of new communication. The visualization of your system opens up many possibilities of application with one goal: to put your system in the best light and to present professional.


What we do for you


Data gathering

We create 3D graphics based on existing satellite or GPS data. Also planning data of the golf course architect can be used. In addition photos of the fairways and views of the local characteristics (clubhouse buildings on the fairway ...).




3D Visualization

Based on the collected data, your golf course is visualized in 3D. Interested golfers can thus experience the various holes of the golf clubs in a short animated film (Helicopter Flyby).




Golf course App

We offer you the creating of Digital caddie application for the iPhone and Android. It is intended to familiarize worldwide golfers with your course. Golfers can use it also for good orientation during the play, because the GPS function provides their location at the hole map. It can be also used as the electronic score card with calculation of handicaps and for easy measurement of distances.
The application provides also unique visual features like video Fly over Hole. There is also current weather information, direction how to get to the course, online booking, birdie book pictures and other helpful information for golfers according to your requirements.
Photo maps for top view, videos for fly over hole and simulation of ideal play are generated from detailed and accurate digital 3D model of the golf course.
The application is free downloadable for your golfers online on the  App Store and Google Play.




Marketing, Simulation

Visualize your course and use the 3D model for the presentation of your course in form of videos and screenshots on your website. Your course can be played on PC or golf simulators. Perhaps in your own indoor facility - all year long?



Field of application for visualization

  • App for iPhone
    and Android

  • Marketing tool,
    Club Website

  • Presentations

  • Birdiebook

  • Golf simulators

I'd prefer to play only places that offer an electronic caddy. This is handy on the course and even before, if you can see the faiways from a bird's perspective.

Peter Jöbstl, enthusiastic golfer

Your benefits

- 01 -


3D flyovers of all the fairways could be the new highlight of your website. Thus, potential guests can take a picture of the course characteristics already in advance.

- 02 -


Your golf course can be uploaded into golf simulations. This means that soon golf enthusiasts around the world could play on your virtual golf course. And you yourself, of course.

- 03 -


Depending on your demands select from different styles for the new Birdiebook (digital or printed). From modern to classic.

- 04 -

Golf course App

The iPhone or Android presentation application, which allows your golfers better orientation, studying of fly-by hole videos, tracking of score offers all important links and information about the course. 

Your benefits

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